“Within 7 weeks, it feels like Daisy has transformed me from an unhealthy person to a healthy person with just some small tweaks to iron out. Daisy’s ability to inform whilst really listening and catering to your specific needs and situation has been invaluable, and very impressive. Daisy has a wealth of knowledge around nutrition and the science behind what we eat and why we crave certain things. Not only am I learning a lot from each session with Daisy, I am also seeing the benefits behind the science on a daily basis. Seeing Daisy is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and I will continue to see her for as long as I can. She is a professional but warm & friendly character who you can tell really cares about her clients and what she does for them.”

Georgie, Hove (age 32)

“I went to Daisy at a time when I was feeling extremely low in energy, and was having a hard time juggling a toddler, new baby and my work commitments. I was hoping to improve my physical health, but was really delighted that the sessions and advice made a huge difference to my wellbeing and mood too. Her suggestions were simple and easy to fit into my busy life and I saw results almost straight away. Thank you Daisy, I’m so glad I found you!”

Emma, Hove (age 32)

“I’d been on the contraceptive pill for over 20 years to help with debilitating period pain, and when I nervously decided to come off it I had a consultation with Daisy. She was brilliant – supportive, inquisitive, knowledgable and realistic. She considered all sorts of factors, not just food but lifestyle too, and set me up with an attainable plan that was easy to incorporate and didn’t overwhelm me. In fact I was excited to put her suggestions into action and focus on adding things into my diet rather than taking things out. Daisy followed up and was a real cheerleader over the next few weeks – and best of all my periods returned without any pain.”

Bess, Worthing (age 38)